Kirill Malevanov

Kirill Malevanov

Head of Network Operations / Author of 5 articles

I maintain the networks in our data centers and implement network services.

New Firewalls: Fortinet FG-100D

We recently started offering our clients a new firewall. In addition to the Cisco ASA 5512 and Cisco ASA 5508-X, we now offer the Fortinet FortiGate FG-100D.

The initial reaction from most of our clients went something along the lines of, “Why would you suggest this noname product over Cisco?” Truth be told, we had mixed feelings about it here at Selectel, too; however, our experience with these firewalls has shown us that this solution at least deserves a try. Read more

Router Redundancy with VRRP


In a previous article, we touched on the problems of redundant network infrastructures and looked at how MC-LAG technology works. Today, we’re going to talk about a more complex, but reliable, technology that enables redundancy at the data center level. What we’re talking about here is boosting router availability using VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol).

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Added Redundancy with MC-LAG


Nobody likes it when their servers go offline, even if it’s just for a moment. Unavailability, which is often caused by a single malfunction, could result in serious financial losses. To bring everything back to working order, the cause first has to be identified, and then the necessary repairs have to be made.

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