New Service Package: Administrative Services


As we are always striving to update and improve the quality of our services, we take our users’ suggestions and requests into careful consideration. This is what led us to create our Linux server administration service packages.

These services are available to Dedicated Server, Colocation, Virtual Linux Server, Cloud Server, and Server Rack customers.

These new services ensure the seamless operation of your equipment and save you time (and in some cases, a generous amount of money) on diagnosis and repair.

Our new package includes:

  • basic diagnostics;
  • migration of client projects to our infrastructure;
  • hourly administration.

Basic Diagnostics:

If you experience any errors or access problems on your server, you can submit a request via ticket system for basic diagnostics, and we will help find the source of the error. The request should contain a description of the problem and server access information.

After looking over our clients’ requests, we see that our users often cannot determine whose side the problem is on, what caused it, or how to fix it. Previously, we didn’t offer any kind of support, we only corrected problems on our side. Now though, we can help you diagnose any problem or malfunction for free.

Provided the diagnosis takes less than 15 minutes, it’s free. If we can clearly identify the problem, we will send you a detailed report and suggestions on how to fix it via ticket system. Additional work is performed under our hourly administration service (see below).

If diagnosis and repair takes longer than 15 minutes, we will send you a message offering to perform all relevant work within the framework of our hourly administration.

Migration of Client Projects

Migrating from one server to another can be a pain, requiring a lot of time and in many cases, a highly qualified system administrator. For a serious web project, any error, however insignificant, can prove costly.

If your project is run from a 3rd party infrastructure and you wish to join our family of clients, we can help transfer your data quickly and most importantly, completely for free. You just have to send us a request via ticket system, provide us complete access to the project, and show us a working version of the project. It can take up to 3 days to transfer data depending on the level of complexity. All conditions are agreed upon on an individual basis.

Data migration is free only for new clients (i.e. first-time users). For our present customers, transfers are performed under the hourly administration service.

Hourly System Administration

In our Hourly System Administration service, our highly-qualified system administrators will help diagnose and resolve serious errors (restoring OS, file systems, etc.) and can also install and configure additional software on a server.

If any serious problems arise on your server and you cannot resolve them yourself, just send us a request via ticket system. We’ll estimate the time needed to perform the work and send you an invoice. Work starts as soon as we receive payment.

Services not covered by our standard tech support are performed according to work orders. In this case, work is performed according to the following procedure:

  • you send us a detailed work order (WO) indicating all of the work that needs to be done;
  • we review the WO, determine whether or not we can complete it, and hammer out all of the details with you;
  • after we come to an agreement on the WO, we inform you of the execution period and submit a bill;
  • after your payment has been received, we get to work.

Upon your request, we can help create a WO from scratch or amend an existing WO.

Hourly system administration fees:

  • 1,500 rubles/hour if the service is rendered on a business day between 10 AM and 7 PM (Moscow Standard Time, MSK);
  • 3,000 rubles/hour if the service is rendered during off-hours, as agreed upon ahead of time via ticket-system;
  • 4,500 rubles/hour if the action is performed as an emergency service.


We’ve only recently starting offering our administrative services. For us to improve and develop our services, user feedback is essential. We would love to hear your observations, requests, and suggestions for our new service package.