Success Story: Datagrav

We sometimes meet with clients to find out what they’re working on, what problems they encounter, and what role Selectel plays in all of it. Once such company from St. Petersburg is called Datagrav, and we recently discussed these topics with their CEO, Sergey Kochuguyev.

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selectel.meetup: A High-Load Event

This past December 17th in St. Petersburg, Selectel held the first ever selectel.meetup—a conference dedicated to high-load systems. Developers came together in the new conference hall at Selectel’s Tsvetochnaya 2 data center to share their experiences. The event was sponsored by ITSumma, which provides technical support for websites and remote server administration.

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Tsvetochnaya 2: An Inside Look


Just one year ago on December 17, 2015, we celebrated the grand opening our latest data center, Tsvetochnaya 2. In honor of its 1-year anniversary, we decided to give you an exclusive look at the center and what makes it one of the most advanced in all of Russia.

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Dedicated Servers: Testing New Machines

When you start using a new server, it’s a good idea to make sure you got what you paid for. Unfortunately, a lot of new users have a hard time retrieving server information that can only be accessed with console commands.

In this article, we’ll look at how information on Linux servers can be pulled up from the console.

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Troubleshooting Windows with Selectel Rescue


Any user can run into serious issues: viruses, physical disk damage, errors updating the system, etc. In these situations, most Windows resources aren’t terribly useful. There is, however, another way to troubleshoot these errors: by using Linux.

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Selectel and Open-Source Software


Our company has been working on open-source projects for over five years now. We registered on GitHub in May 2011 and have already published around 30 repositories. Even though we’ve mentioned some of our projects in older posts, we’d like to take today to review a few of these.

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Keeping Track of IP Addresses


In our line of work, we often run into problems rationally distributing IP address blocks. Distributing addresses to thousands of clients is by no means an easy task. In this article, we’re going to share our solution with you.

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Guest Post: Our Experience with Selectel’s VRRP


Today’s post was written by our client ITSumma.

ITSumma provides remote server administration, website technical support, and ensures online service availability under high and super high loads.

In this article, Anton Baranov, Victoria Andrienko, and Evgenii Potapov share their experience with our IP Failover (VRRP) service. If you’re looking to improve your project’s availability and fault-tolerance, you should definitely consider what they have to say.

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Router Redundancy with VRRP


In a previous article, we touched on the problems of redundant network infrastructures and looked at how MC-LAG technology works. Today, we’re going to talk about a more complex, but reliable, technology that enables redundancy at the data center level. What we’re talking about here is boosting router availability using VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol).

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