Selectel Career Day

On May 18th, we opened the doors of our Tsvetochnaya 2 data center for Selectel Career Day. Students were invited to see what exactly it means to work in a modern IT company and learn about the kinds of opportunities Selectel has to offer.

During the event, speakers told guests about the history of Selectel and our mascot, major accomplishments, and future plans. Employees talked about career growth and the opportunities Selectel has presented them with; for example, our Dedicated Servers project manager, Igor Forisov, recounted his history at Selectel: how he started out as just a junior systems engineer. He assured the audience that “interesting work finds you one way or another, even if you’re just sorting nuts and bolts at first.”

Guests were then given the opportunity to learn more about the fields they were most interested in. Various conference rooms and common areas were turned into breakout rooms and separated by departments, where employees talked about the particulars of their work.

At the BackEnd + Administration breakout, our specialists discussed the Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Storage, Vscale, and the infrastructure behind our dedicated servers and internal services.

At the Analytics, Marketing, and HR breakout, students heard from from our analysts about analyzing business economics and projecting and evaluating effectiveness; from marketing specialists about clients, competitors, positioning, and preparing marketing campaigns and materials; and from HR about talent scouting and employee accommodation and development.

The most popular breakout was Networks and Data Centers. The network department discussed network models and how equipment was set up: routers, cross-connects, and firewalls. Our technical engineers explained how the equipment works and how they diagnose errors and malfunctions.

At the Frontend + UX breakout, our specialists talked about effective interfaces and the user research used to create them.

We’d like to thank our guests for coming out and sharing their kind words about the event. We’re glad you enjoyed it!