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PipelineDB: Working with Data Streams

We’ve already touched on the issue of processing events in real time. Today, we’re going to return to this topic and talk about a fairly new and interesting tool: the streaming DBMS PipelineDB.

PipelineDB is built on and fully compatible with the PostgreSQL 9.4 codebase. It was first released in June 2015 and the enterprise version came out in January 2016.

Below, we’ll compare PipelineDB with similar solutions, give brief installation and initial setup instructions, and also look at a use case.

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YAWNDB – Time Series Databases

For many of our services, we have to provide clients with various statistics. Clients who rent dedicated servers need information on the traffic they’ve used, VPC users need stats on hardware and network resources, and Cloud Storage users need information on file transfers.

The simplest and most direct way to present statistics is in charts. There are many programs specifically designed for analyzing statistical data with subsequent visuals. We’ve looked for an appropriate tool with performance as our main criterion. As a result… well, let’s go through this step by step. We’ll start some theory.

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