Nikolaj Rubanov

Nikolaj Rubanov

System engineer / Author of 5 articles

I help customers and work with server equipment and our data center monitoring system.

Incremental Backups in Proxmox VE with VBR

In a previous article in this series, dedicated to the Proxmox VE hypervisor, we already explained how to backup using built-in tools. This time, we’ll show you how to use the great Veeam® Backup&Replication™ 10 tool for the same purpose.

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Curious Cases in Working with Servers

Despite how new something is or how long it’s been working under a full workload, equipment sometimes starts to act a bit unpredictably. Servers are no exception.

Crashes and malfunctions happen, and oftentimes, what should just be simple troubleshooting turns into a time-consuming whodunit.

Below, we’ll be looking at a few interesting and curious examples of how servers have misbehaved, and what was done to get them back in order. Read more

Berzarina: An Inside Look


How do you keep a data center up and running 24/7/365? A lot of our clients have some idea how this is done, but even those who see the server rooms don’t get the full picture. To give you a better idea of how this all works, today we’re going to give you a small behind-the-scenes look at our Berzarina data center in Moscow.

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